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Sole is a type of flatfish of varying families. Generally speaking, they are members of the family Soleidae, but, outside Europe, the name 'sole' is also applied to various other similar flatfish, especially other members of the sole suborder Soleoidei as well as members of the flounder family. In European cookery, there are several species which may be considered 'true' soles, but the common or Dover sole Solea solea, often simply called the 'sole', is the most esteemed and most widely available.[citation needed] The name 'sole' comes from its resemblance to a sandal, Latin solea.[citation needed] In other languages, it is named for the tongue, e.g. German Zunge, Spanish lenguado. Worldwide, members of several groups of flatfish are called 'soles'. A complete list can be found using Fishbase's search function. They include: In the sole suborder Soleoidei: The true soles Soleidae, including the common or Dover sole Solea solea. These are the only fishes called 'soles' in Europe. The American soles Achiridae, sometimes classified among the Soleidae. The tongue soles or tonguesoles Cynoglossidae, whose common names usually include the word 'tongue'. Several species of righteye flounder in the family Pleuronectidae, including the lemon sole, the Pacific Dover sole, and the petrale sole.

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